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KINGSSEL 3DPrinter 2020 Corporate Video.v3【KINGTEC TECHNICAL Co ,Ltd】

KINGSSEL 3DPrinter 2020 Corporate Video.v3【KINGTEC TECHNICAL Co ,Ltd】


Create test samples with Kingssel 3D printer to check dimensions and appearance to raise efficiency in your CNC production.

3D printing with Kingssel allows researchers to expedite the process of creating new, innovative products by offering a fast means to create same prints before production in a matter of minutes rather than days.

Using innovative 3d printing materials, engineers can significantly reduce the weight of printed end-use parts.

E.g. Original screw weight 6g, printed screw weight 2g.

By using 3D printing designers are able to check the appearance in time then modify the problems very quickly.

E.g. board game

In time production for medical devices is vital for patient care and with Kingssel 3D printers, medical care staff and quickly produce devices for in time patient care.

E.g. Limb support, chopsticks support, door support, all of them are helper for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

This Senior High Physics class used the Archimedes principle to transfer the material.

Using 3D printing for the samples, the students printed a mold and used this as a topic for discussion.

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