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3D Printer X Furniture

*This lamp is made by 3D Printer machine. Picture/Kingssel

Food, Clothing, Housing, and Transportation are the four major needs of mankind

3D printing plays a very good role in the line.

What about living?

Changes in living habits, small families, and popular stores have made furniture suppliers more diverse.

Many people would like to choose wood products on the furniture,

like the sense of temperature brought by wood.

However, returning to the actual reality.

The speed of the disappearance of the Earth’s forest cannot be ignored

Is there any way to solve this problem by 3D printer?

What influence does 3D printier have on the furniture industry?


Many people like wood products

Talking about the texture of wood, 3D printing could be done.

3D printed materials that have wood properties in the wire can be printed with furniture that resembles the texture of the wood.

There are also wood-based environmentally friendly wire materials that help to protect the natural environment.

Save money

Kingssel's 3D printers use additive manufacturing. No matter if it is stone or wood, you could save a lot of material costs, and indirectly save the storage space ! There is no more burden than the traditional way.

Provincial manpower

When you got the 3D prints file, it will start production and it will be able to work independently, replacing the human resources that artisans needed to make proofs, furniture, and processing.

Time saving

Traditional furniture uses subtractive manufacturing, so it requires pre-proofing and post-processing. 3D printing can save these steps and increase cost benefits.


3D printing can be produced independently from the production to the end to automate the production line.

Small budget production

3D printing does not have to cost a lot of money (such as molds). The huge cost reduction, the price can be reduced, and let the young people's willingness to decorate their new home.


3D printing can be tailored to your needs. Whether it is a large or small space or a choice of wood and color, one-for-one designs can be made for guests in a low-cost, high-profile manner.

Save space

3D printed furniture can be made into a dismantling format, which saves packaging costs, reduces space usage, and makes logistics delivery more convenient and safe.

Degree of freedom

3D printing can produce more complex structure products and improve design freedom.

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