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3D printing and temperature relationship?

After the Dragon Boat Festival, the temperature is fierce. The road is hot like an iron plate.

This time,I want to talk to everyone about the relationship between 3D printer and temperature.

When we drop the model into CURA, we see the option Speed and Temperature.

The printing temperature represented the temperature at the time of shooting's heat.

In addition to the temperature at least reaching the lowest melting point, the amount of temperature will also affect the appearance of the model.

The lower the temperature, the smoother the surface of the model will be.

The higher the temperature, the tighter the model will be.

You can feel the difference by using the touch, but in order to make it obvious to let you guys know what's different, I used 185 oC and 210 oC to compare the difference between the two. You can clearly see that the 210 oC line is a bit embarrassing!

The high temperature printed model will feel a bit grainy.

Because of the high temperature of the wire, may not have cooled, and the above is printed on the relationship of the wire, if it sounds very circumstance, you can imagine cream stack cream, the following cream will be a little bit off, like this feeling.

See you guys next time. (ノ>ω<)ノ!

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