Multi-material printer ideal for business users.

With a print area of 500 mm x 500mm, the Kingssel K-5050 is able to print both large prototypes and small components with great precision.


Nozzle size


Printing Scale

5 "

5” Full-color Touch Screen Display with Multi-language Options


Print area of 500 x 500 mm idea for business users. Sturdy structure with CNC components and a highly accurate aluminum platform offering precision and stability.

 Print Scale


 High Quality Appearance

Equipped with 5x high-quality anode in a durable, black metal frame for a great appearance the factory or the office.

Intelligent Wire Detection

The intelligent wire detection on the K-5050 allows the 3D printer to provide stability and worry-free wire control.

 WIFI - enabled

With industry 4.0 capabilities, the K-5050 WIFI combability allows access to multiple user in an organizatio.


 Rigid Structure

Sturdy structure built with only CNC components including a 5-step build offering durability and accuracy.

Auto-platform Correction

Users will be able to quickly begin printing accurate prints with a simple click of an icon


5” full-color touch interface for simple, intuitive operation.

Full-color Touch Screen Display


Internally developed multiple extruder that supports a wide range of materials.

Multiple Material Extruder


Quick Release Nozzle

The Kingssel series supports several nozzles (0.2, 0.4. 0.6, 0.8 mm) and allows users to quickly release for seamless change according to required object size and accuracy.


Temperature Control

Nozzle and heat-bed temperature detection that auto-stops when necessary for printer safety.


Heat Bed

To reduce warning the built-in heat bed controls temperatures up to 100℃ (212℉)


32-bit Motherboard

Differing from the traditional used 8-bit motherboard, KINGSSEL provides a 32-bit high-powered Cortex motherboard for highly calculated speed and fluid movements.

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KINGSSEL is the brand of 3d printer in Taiwan.  From design to produce are all Made in TAIWAN.

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