K-1818 (KingKong) is made of industry scale by Japan UNITTA belt, linear slide.

For beginner is the best choice, easy to print, high quality to get. 
Its convenience, light, colorful touched- screen are all be praised by our user.

On software, it has auto- leveling to help you correct the level high.
All you need is focused on your design and print it!  

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3D printing can not only be used in experiments and sample making,

but also, for printing professional tools like microscopes.

Brain game

The Ministry of Education has incorporated 3D printing into their curriculum of science and technology.

Through simple logical thinking, students can make educational toys by themselves.


The designer designed a joint toy through 3D printing, which can be played with immediately after printing.


The designer designed a joint toy through 3D printing, which can be played with immediately after printing.

Suitable for different kind of type’s course.
Especially for teacher and student. Easily to research on the education. Education’s price 

Having language change function.


  ​E N

Simple graphical interface / Simple and humanized design

Flat UI design, easy to use.

工作區域 5_0.75x.png

Color touchpad Intuitive’s operating
Suitable for any age group

Design by all metal Professional quality

The lightweight is a convenience for the teacher to carry.

lo資產 1.png

No need to process complicated steps
Machine will automatic to do it 
Make more easy for eduction

Auto wire in and out.

工作區域 7_0.75x.png

Quick detachable design
Multivariate to any education environment
We make more easy for maintenance

Quick release nozzle changes the size in time.

工作區域 6_0.75x.png

Exclusive online course
Flexible time and location for learning

Practical Application

KingKong is not only suited for education. but also suited for the personal designer.

◆Printer Size
 ◎ Quick Release Nozzle
◆Build Volume
 ◎ Auto-platform Correction
◆Layer Minimum Resolution
 ◎ Full-color Touch Screen Display
◆Screen Size
 ◎ Safety Wire Auto-in and out
◆Nozzle Diameter
 ◎ Safety Temperature Monitor
◆Support Mateials
ARM 32bit
Chinese / English
◆Transmission interface
SD Card / WiFi(Option)
◆Printer Weight
◆Support File Type